Paula’s Choice

Paula Begoun didn’t set out to be a disrupter. But after nearly 30 years of calling the beauty industry out on their B.S., it’s clear why her shockingly straightforward, cult-status brand continues to drive results.

In 2017, Paula’s Choice came to us after noting that times had changed and the brand had lost its edge. We strategically repositioned them to appeal to the discerning consumer who wants radical results without the high price or marketing hype. Then, we redesigned the brand’s identity and aesthetic from the ground up, including a complete packaging overhaul that makes navigating the assortment easy.

Fast forward to 2022 after a $2 billion acquisition, a coveted placement in Sephora retail and continued global expansion. We were re-engaged to sharpen the soft spots—diving into their consumer psychographics to deepen the brand’s emotional connection, defining the brand personality, voice and tone—and delivering an Editorial Style Guide with a key communication strategy that brings the “Paula Snap” to life.

Beauty Begins with Truth

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