It’s insane when you think about it. The same beauty product with the same ingredients can be put in a bougie bottle and end up with a triple markup. The only difference? The brand name attached to it. And Brandefy founder, Meg Pryde was over it. 

With multiple verticals of the Brandefy business to unite, we were challenged to build an unapologetically bold brand that raises the bar on transparency—so everyone can enjoy luxury. 

The original? Outdone. We repositioned the Brandefy collection of products as gold standard innovations (not substandard duplications), and the Brandefy comparison app as the go-to destination for savvy beauty lovers to help one another find affordable alternatives to sought-after products.

From a clear, elevated identity to straightforward copy, Brandefy’s refresh was a bonafide success—cementing their place as the truthful and transparent industry disruptor.

Out with the old. In with the bold.

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  • Positioning
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  • Identity Design
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