SF Design Week: Designing A Carbon Negative Future

Most designers support efforts to curb climate change, but how does that translate to our day-to-day design practice? In this panel of climate and sustainability design experts, we discuss important issues in the global climate crisis and key opportunities designers can focus on to reduce the impact of our work.

Climate Designers Summit

F*ck Single Use: 90 Minutes Closer to a Zero Waste Future

Turning Refills into Reality

As the personal care industry explores different ways to reduce single-use waste, reusable packaging is gaining traction. Deep dive into why your brand should start thinking about it, how to best design a refillable system and what it takes to overcome challenges in consumer behavior.

Indie Brands with a B2B Side Hustle

B2B and B2C categories have historically been seen as separate entities. But now indie brand owners (a majority with philanthropic and sustainability backgrounds) are reaping the benefits of managing both. Will more brands look to capitalize on B2B avenues? See what Rebecca Bartlett and other industry experts have to say.

Paws on Plastic

Introducing the first-ever Sleep System for Strays made from Amazon’s irresponsible shipping waste. From bags to bitches, we’ve raised the woof on re-use and turned useless trash into bow, meow, wow!

What The Beauty Industry Will Look Like After The Pandemic Subsides?

Beauty Independent asks industry insiders how they believe business will transform in the post-pandemic era in retail, manufacturing, social media, packaging, brand strategy and consumer research. Strategy Director Vannett Li weighs in with insights.

22 Bold Indie Beauty Predictions For 2021

With inclusivity becoming table stakes for beauty brands, brands aimed at women of color will have to sharpen their points of difference. These brands are going to need to find a way to differentiate themselves beyond their product offering.

Sustainable Vendor Cheat Sheet

We did the work. Now go save the planet.