The Role of Plastic in a Sustainable Future Pt. 1

  • 2021
  • Legnth
  • Location
    Beauty Matter Virtual Webinar

Plastic is now... Fantastic?

In a circular economy, recycled plastic could become a global commodity. While our current relationship is complex and plastics usually end up as waste, there are ways brands and consumers can change their relationship with this material. Join a team of experts for a holistic conversation on the topic of plastic and how organizations can work collectively towards a future where it’s collected and then recycled.

The Expert Panel:
Derek Harvey, Co-CEO of FusionPKG
Beth Holland, Aptar Vice President of Global Sustainability
Rebecca Bartlett, Founder & Creative Director at Bartlett Brands
Melanie Bender, Founding President of Versed

Hosted by Beauty Matter.
Sponsored by Fusion Packaging.